The big member clean up

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Mr G Courier Service

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It has been mentioned many times about removing inactive members but still nothing has been done. Take LKB from coventry... Joined in march... Nuff said Ltd


... And was still visiting the site 6 months later, hence is as entitled to appear in the Directory as you are, under the 90 day rule.

The 90 day rule is automatic. If you haven't logged in for 90 days, you disappear from the directory.

So if you find someone on the directory, they have logged in recently.

In addition to this automated clean-up, we look through the member database on a pretty much daily basis, and we do hide members from the directory, where they appear to be "just looking" or not prepared to share enough information to satisfy our requirements, or they don't answer the phone, or their email bounces, or they don't respond to our requests for more info, or we can't find them anywhere else on the internet, or we can't find their address on Google Maps, or they look obviously made up. Etc. Etc.

In other words, we look at them through the eyes of a sceptical controller, as per our safe trading guidelines, and hide them if they don't pass.

We do welcome suggestions for removal, if you spot anyone you think may be eligible for hiding before we do: in confidence.



Thats put that one to bed. Now lets make a BIG wish to Santa. Form an orderly queue guys.

Mr G Courier Service

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I guess your wanting a subscription?

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