So you Fancy a kip on the motorway services?

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My mate Joe overstayed his welcome and received a shock "fine" from CPS for sleeping on the services

well if you do and stay more than 2 hours then you will get an "official looking" demand for £50 or more .

Dont panic-ignore it ...its an invoice not a penalty charge and is unenforceable in court
They will send you numerous threatening letters each sounding more official than the 1st one.

Ignore it !

do not even reply . There are many forums discussing this issue but the best one is this watchdog interview with a solicitor .

Take a look then decide if your still willing to pay up

Gas Motorcycle Couriers


Excellent... Shall bare it mind, when in the hymer



Didnt the rules changes in october about ignoring it?



The freedoms act I believe it was called

SMC Express


I oddly have found a piece of paper draped over my front number plate when leaving the services after an extended stay. Funny how these things happen eh!

ZENITH Courier Services


I know someone who decided to pay the £10 parking charge so she could sleep in the car outside a travel lodge. After a couple of hours the car was so uncomfortable she go out and slept on the ground. Then it started raining...

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