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Graham James Transport

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Graham James transport has of today 22/11/14 retired due to health reasons but wish to thank everybody who used my company a big thank you and wish you all the very best in your future ventures regards graham

Andy McTighe


Good luck Graham

GB Distributors (Bridgend)


Good luck and happy retirement

Bennetts Distribution


Good luck graham with your future and your health

A Couriers


Don't know you Graham but hope everything goes well for you in the future kind regards Trevor

PW Courier Services


Good luck Graham i tried retirement couldn't settle, so just worked when i wanted, but now my son has taken over, i stay at home in the office



All the best Graham for the future and especially your health -

Graham James Transport

Original Poster

Thanks to all the people that have wish me well I quick update for you treatment is going well so fingers crossed within maybe next 12 months may get a clean bill of health again thanks for your kind messages regards graham

GB Distributors (Bridgend)


Good news, take care.



Will you be back in 12 months Graham?

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