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Carl slack

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I'm new to been a courier I've done deliveries for Hermes but that was on a monthly wage dependant on parcels delivered per day, how would you quote per job on mtvan?



Hi Carl, The best way to get work on here is to make sure you know what you are doing to begin with. Hermes is alot differant from sameday deliveries, Google search CODFORUM and that with give you a great start on finding info out. As for quotring on mtvan, you are alway better off calling the vendor direct, that way you can talk on the phone and get more info about what is needed to picked up and how the job needs to be done. Before you do all that the best way on here is make sure your profile looks the part. Enter your goods in transit insurance, companyies won't use you unless your legit, enter profile pic of your van is best, and always put a brief description about the who you are and service you can offer. Only put what vehicle you have aswell, as some on here put down vehicles they don't have and can be annoying when the vendor calls them for that van and they don't have. Hope this helps and good luck

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