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A friend of mine runs a small service company and has payment terms of 7 working days from receipt of invoice ( not unreasonable with the type of service he offers)

However one of the "big" firms he supplies have payment terms of 45 days from date of supply .

When chasing payment he is informed that "our terms are 45 days " and he says "mine are 7 "

Do you put the supply on hold or do you accept that if you deal with a big fish you can be bullied into accepting you get paid when they decide ?

Scott Reid


Unless agreed in writing before hand I believe that the payment terms of the service provider take precedence.

Other than that the late payment laws allow for 30 days.




Think the big fish have him over a barrell. I think unless a solid contract was in place I dont think much point in pushing it.

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I have been in this situation on a couple of occasions ok my terms were not 7 but 14, and after a few calls low and behold Paid... I would tell him to make it clear to them its his terms and not theres.. The company in question was Red Bull, and yes Ive had further work from them..

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