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QuickSent Sameday Courier Services

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Hi guys, I'm relatively new to courier business. My name is Razaq and I trade as QuickSent Sameday Courier Services based in Coventry. I'm hoping to learn a lot from you guys through this forum. I run 4 vehicles: 62 plate Berlingo, 10 plate lwb hr Relay, 11 plate lwb hr Sprinter, 59 plate Sprinter Luton with t/l. I have GIF Insurance £20000, Public Liability 5 Million and Courier insurance for each vehicle. Thanks guys for providing a wealth of valuable information and encouragement for newbies like me. Ltd


Hi Razaq

You're very welcome here on Thanks for joining.

That's quite a fleet you have there.

I suggest starting by making sure your profile is fully complete.

Start here, and work along all the tabs.

Send It Couriers


Hi Razaq,

We're a newly launched courier company based in N7 (North London) -

Wealth of experience, and more than happy to trade notes, information, work and leads.

Feel free to give us a shout if you need anything -

Kind regards and good luck.

Sean (Send It Couriers)

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