It's like a free courier website...

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Original Poster it's worth making the best of it, like these (chosen at random):

Courier company:

Courier owner driver:

They both have a photo/logo uploaded here: Dashboard>>Account>>Upload Photo

They both have insurance details here: Dashboard>>Account>>Insurance Details

3D have a useful link to their own website, added here: Dashboard>>Account>>General Details

They both have good feedback (which both sides can leave when a job is allocated to a member).

They both have a credible address, which checks out in Google Maps.

You'd call either of these to do business with them, having seen their profiles.

To check your own Profile to see it as others do, go to Profile Page at the top of the Forum (if logged in) or Dashboard or Newsfeed pages. To edit the details, go to Account, also at the top of those pages.

It's good for business.

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