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Forth Sameday Couriers

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Hi everyone,

After a good 6 months research I have decided to go self employed and become an courier owner driver.

I was going to do it in using my car but have now decided a van is the way forward, I ordered my new Berlingo yesterday and will be getting delivery on the 26th July.

I have 20 years experience in hospitality and a few years driving experience.

I am based in Fife and have good access to east/central Scotland.

Anyway will have GIT, Hire and Reward and public liability on the 26th July and here’s hoping a viable business.




Welcome chris and good luck in your new venture

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Welcome to mtvan Chris. Please complete your details including a picture and insurance details.

P.S. Forth or Fourth?

Forth Sameday Couriers

Original Poster

Its Fourth, sorry poor spelling and in my first post as well!

I will update my account with a picture once the van arrives and will get the insurance docs uploaded as soon as I have them, thanks.

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