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Hi Guys - I interrupt my holiday to fix a bit of a mess I left behind before i went. I request that for the benefit of the person this is intended for, that you simply read this post, rather than reply to it:

I would like to unreservedly apologise for the post on this forum that implied that Speedy Freight and their employee, Mr Phil Dunn, may have been linked to Simply Sameday.

Having now spoken to Mr Dunn, who has told me in his own words, that he has nothing to do with Simply Sameday either now or in the past - I have no reason to dispute this. I therefore now accept that I should not have implied there were any links between the two organisations.

I have spoken to Mr Dunn and apologised for any distress and embarassment my actions in creating the offending post may have inadvertantly caused.

Andy Stephens, Courier Expert.

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