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Here are some questions and answers for mtvan members. Also for Courier Expert members, who may be wondering why we are advertising work on mtvan.

Q. Are you like a Freight Exchange?

A. We are actually quite different from most freight exchanges, the main difference is that we have our own work, from our own customers who pay us to do their deliveries. This means that we pay you ourselves – rather than you having the hassle of chasing different customers for payment – ask anyone who has tried looking for their own private clients, it can be hard work!

Q. Why are you on mtvan?

A. Our own members get first shot of our work, however we do have gaps in our network, this is where mtvan comes in. About a quarter of our work is currently subcontracted out through Freight Exchanges or other Courier Companies – because we do not have one of our own members available, at the exact time a job is booked. mtvan provides a valuable way of covering our excess work and at the same time, meeting our customers expectations and deadlines.

Q. What are your payment terms?

A. 30 Days from when we receive your invoice and POD.

Q. Can i get work directly from Courier Expert?

A. As a national courier company, COURIER EXPERT has courier work of it’s own. We will pay you at least 50% (55% after 3 months) of the price we charge the customer (That’s £1.09 to £1.75 depending on vehicle type) per loaded mile for urgent sameday work. We also offer economy work, you would bid for this and you will receive 100% of the price you quote.

Q. Do I need to join Courier Expert to be considered for your work?

A. If you want first shot at our courier work at a pre-agreed rate, then yes. Of course you can bid for our overflow work on mtvan, without paying any fee’s to us. mtvan is a trade exchange and is a useful way of sourcing return journeys, therefore we would always recommend joining mtvan as well as Courier Expert.

Q. How much do you pay mtvan members?

A. We simply pay the price you quote. However, please make sure your bid is competitive, as we may also be receiving quotes from other mtvan members at the same time. We will of course consider quotes from those who are on a return journey or wish to co-load. All we ask is that if you are co-loading, tell us and give a realistic ETA. It may not be a problem, as long as we know. Good communication will lead to repeat work and we will trust you on mtvan.

Q. How should mtvan members quote on your work?

A. Ideally through the mtvan website please. If this is not possible, then call us with your quote.

Q. No GIT Insurance?

A. We will take the risk on consignments up to £500 ourselves, if you are a Courier Expert Level 1 member who is paying the appropriate subscription However, mtvan members, must have valid GIT cover to bid on our work.

Q. How do I find out more about Courier Expert?

A. Please visit our webpage

Service Types Available

Estate Car
LWB Transit
MWB Transit
SWB Transit
Small Van
Transit High Top
XLWB Transit