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At Black Fox Transport delivery and service are two sides of the same coin. We offer a flexible range of services and delivery options crafted precisely to suit your requirements. Working with us, you'll save both time and money.


Examples of our deliveries are as follows:


  • Motorcycles ( Specialised ramp on board )
  • Plant or hire equipment
  • Musical equipment
  • Student removals with discounts
  • Band gig's full hire with driver
  • Car parts engines, exhaust, gearboxes etc.
  • Furniture all types
  • Furniture delivery and setup Ikea ( Quotes available )
  • Urgent papers, passports and contracts
  • Urgent parcels
  • Party Celebrations and in need of transport
  • Beverages , Cash and carry collections
  • Alloy wheels for collection or delivery
  • Vehicle Spares eg. Doors, Bonnets ( Inc. Protection for Panels )
  • Ebay Collections, If you need it collected or delivered
  • Contract Collections for small or large businesses on a regular basis
  • Tyres for delivery or collection
  • Removal of unwanted Item eg. old washing machines, Televisions ( We can dispose of these Items )
  • Carpets, Tiles for delivery or colection
  • Garden Funiture and exterior decoration
  • Factory and Warehouse stock for collection or delivery ( Max delivery 2.5 tons )

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