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David Osborne Transport Services Ltd

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Hello one and all, Id just like to introduce myself to you all, My name is David Osborne and im new to the mtvan site although im not new to transport or courier industry. Ive been in transport all my life (literally... My dad was a transport manager and i used to go out in the vans and trucks as a kid during school holidays lol). Officially ive been in transport for 27 years, working mainly for companies in and around Manchester Airport. Ive done driving, vans up to 7.5 tonners, warehousing both on days and at night, pulling freight from the airport and loading trucks etc. Ive also worked in the transport office again both on days and nights ( routing up to 30 owner drivers plus, HGVs/ Artics). And ive also had a stint as an assistant manager in another transport company.(im a jack of all trades and master of none lol ) Ive been a self employed courier now since 2004 and run a 4.2 meter Mercedes Sprinter payload 950kgs out of Stalybridge nr Manchester. Im always looking for work, but just trade ,company to company,( not eBay or amazon or house removals or tip runs).

My contact number is 0771 314 8431 ( if this allowed to be posted on here)

I Look forward to working for some of you guys in the future.


David Osborne ( you can call me Ozzy ) Ltd


Good Evening, David. Really good to see you on mtvan. All the best Tim

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