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This is where you can set your alerts for job type (Urgent/Non-Urgent etc) and vehicle type (Small Van/LWB etc).

It will also make the Newsfeed give you only the stuff you want. I.e. If you don't want to see for example Non-Urgent courier work, de-select that in the Alerts Settings above, and the Newsfeed (and your Alerts) will not give you Non-Urgent work.

Totally separate from that is what service types you offer, and which appear on your Profile.

This link allows you to select the service types you offer. Vendors are always asking us to ask people to show only the vehicles they actually have.

i.e. if you have an LWB, it may be true that's you're happy to do the odd small van job in it if you're quiet, but please don't list Small Van. Just list what you have, i.e. LWB. Let the Vendor decide if he/she wants to call you. It's taken as read that smaller loads will fit. Ltd

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Here's a reminder of our general how-to video. Ltd

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If you have any questions about how to use any aspect of mtvan, please feel free to ask them on this thread. Ltd

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The best way to post your progress/Return Journeys/Empty is to use Post Empty.

If you add a note to Post Empty, the note will appear on the Newsfeed.

Plus of course, you will be alerted to nearby work (which you won't be if you just use the Update Status). Ltd

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A reminder that the Insurance Page on mtvan now has three working tabs.

Courier Insurance (H&R), Goods in Transit, Public Liability.

Please add your details for all three as soon as possible if you haven;t already.



Hmm. What setting do I have to alter to stop you sending me texts about this thread? I've had three (all identical) in the last two days.

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LOL. I've had 4 emails in one day. How come I didn't get any text alerts? It's not fair.



Me too FOUR emails. Take ya finger off the send button admin. Ltd

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The mtvan app (iOS only at the moment) includes a tracker which means controllers can see where you are.

mtvan is not just a platform for covering overflow/finding loads, it's also an accounting and invoicing package and even lets you add non-mtvan customers and jobs. Start here, and just add your customer, and tick the "No" on the "Open for Offers" button when entering the work. Then run your invoicing in the normal way.

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