Citylink / yodel sprinters

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Schofields Couriers

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Hi gjuys

Looking at getting a bigger van have any of you bought one of these sprinters and how have they fared or iam better off just buying something else.

The ones ive been looking at have just under 100,000 on the clock

Any info welcome with thanks ian

Speed Couriers Nationwide Ltd


I'd be wary. Multi drop vans are stopping and starting ALL day every day, so its not so much how many miles they've done, but how knackered the clutch, gearbox, handbrake et all are.

Legrys Express Ltd


There generally leased byy from a dealer and if the clutch feels ropey get it changed as part if the deal



As speed said I be wary of the stop start it has its toll on the engine, friend had one engine lasted another 50k

MK Transport


I only ever buy ex DHL vans simply because they are cheap and come with a full service history and there are so many to choose from. I usually go for 100k on the clock vans for around 5k. My latest one has 258k on it and with regular services everything on it is original.

ProLink Logistics Ltd


It's difficult to say because we've had a couple of ex City Link Sprinter in the past direct from auction with similar mileage and both have fared pretty well. On the other hand we bought another ex-lease from auction (not ex City Link) must have been driven by a t**t as it was a bit of a pig with only 100k.

If all seems well with it, I wouldn't be put off buying it because it's ex City Link or Yodel.

A new clutch with flywheel will set you back £400 plus a few hours labour. The real killer is a recon gearbox which will probably set you back over £700 plus labour - just check the gears go in easily (with and without the engine running) and that they don't pop out as you driver along (assuming you can drive it beforehand - if it's an auction vehicle then you just have to take that chance).

Mt light haulage


I bought one with 190,000 on clock, been all over uk since, regular oil change and they go forever.

LwsExpress transport solutions


Bought my last 2 from northgate, if you ask they will tell you who leased it for the last 3 years ie bob the builder, or the local baker low ish miles and 3 deliveries a day ,,,, or Colin the courier 150,000 miles and 100 drops a day. Then that gives you a better idea of which to choose, my latest one was a bailiffs and the first one was a local builders.

HSP Couriers LTD


bought two ex city link sprinters earlier this year, no problems so far both covered approx. 50k each with no problems, just the usual wear and tear with regular servicing at 15-20k

HSP Couriers LTD


And in june last year -1 sprinter and 1 crafter 1 vivaro all ex northgate - xlwb's used by bakery and the vivaro was a carpenter!

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