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DDR Sameday Courier

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Hi all, been on mtvan a week or so now and just realised I hadn't said hello. How rude! Anyhoo, here goes.

I'm Dave, an owner driver trading as DDR Sameday Courier. Only been working as a courier a few months and building business up slowly. Don't worry, I'm trying to avoid any typical newbie questions as most of what I wanted to know has been answered / researched on forums etc so have most of what I wanted to know before starting. The rest will come with experience........

I'm based in Lochmaben near Lockerbie in Dumfries and Galloway and available for collections within a 40 mile radius within the hour so that includes Carlisle .

I drive a Transit LWB / HR and GIT insured to £15000.

Looking to make contacts through here. Oh, and thanks for the information / entertainment in the forums.

Springer Express Couriers


Hi Dave I would give pronto a shout, good company to work for and you never get payment issues, good luck regards Dave

G T Courier Services LTD


Hi everyone my name Gavin im trading as G T Courier Services LTD based in Abbots Langley Hertfordshire been a courier many years ago based all over Heathrow Airport but now i've become self employed owner driver.

The vehicle i have is lwb Vauxhall Movano high roof and GIT of £15000 and liability of £5million.

Been doing a little bit of work here and there but nothing to what i would like but i guess im just one of many trying to find work out there. Im having to sign up with Yodel neighbourhood Courier just to make some money not what i had in mind but what can you do.

Im able to collect with in a 30mile radius as im very close to M1/M25

Thanks for reading and hope to get lots of info from the forum.

davis deliverys


Hi everybody my name is jason rom davis deliverys in liverpool just starting out part time at the moment can any one help is this genuine site as i think have been duped by courrier hub. Also wat is the going rate for quotes i have been told 99-1.25 per mile. So any info from you good people would be very helpful to get me started

Ashbell & Stanley Couriers (Reading)


Hi Davis, my name is Ashe and also new to this forum. I want to get started, I have done a week's work with Yodel and would like to hire/buy a van. For now I have a small saloon. I read on the forums that the rates average 70p for outward journey and 50p for the return leg. Still to find out how things work here.

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