City Sprint contract rates.

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Mr G Courier Service

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Bumped into a guy yesterday who told me City Sprint have taken over the contract from Lloyd's chemists to fetch prescriptions from care homes. The job involves collecting the prescription.. driving to the chemist.. waiting at the chemist.. driving back to the care home.. Fixed price of £5 for a potential 45 minute 5 mile round trip!

Anyone interested in this profitable business opportunity contact...

RGM Courier Services


Oh. Me me me...

Speed Couriers Nationwide Ltd


There are certain contracts that do the rounds and this is yet another one. Why people fall over themselves to get em god only knows. They take em, soon discover they can't make em work, then someone else comes along and takes over.



A fiver thats good for cs



Get a bike (push bike that is) to do it on

AJM sameday Couriers


If people are so stupid to do these sort of things, then sorry but they don't deserve to earn a decent wage.

Mak Couriers Ltd


Does that mean City Sprint have put their rates up.

Normally 5 miles x 50p = £2-50


AJM sameday Couriers


Why are we trying to protect people who are not prepared to pay a fare rate?

Gas Motorcycle Couriers


Im surprise a certain mbr didnt go for it... Its right down his alley

AJM sameday Couriers


Gas Motorcycle Couriers said:

Im surprise a certain mbr didnt go for it... Its right down his alley

I will have a guess, is he from Essex by any chance, evening Rob.

Speed Couriers Nationwide Ltd


Gary... Yet again you seem to be confusing me with someone else...i suggest you stop being "confused"

The person you're clearly confusin me with is from an area 70 odd miles north of me as well you know

Gas Motorcycle Couriers





I do Pharmacy work for the NHS. Its not as easy as it sounds and I won't trust City Sprint with medication.

Nottingham & Derby Couriers


The driver will probably end up taking any anti depressants he was supposed to be delivering himself just to get away from it all.

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