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London Nationwide Transport

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Hi , does anyone know the amount of commission payable to anyvan ..i cant seem to find it anywhere..Thanks

Nottingham & Derby Couriers


Log in enter a price for a job and you can then see the commission rate,...................And have a little giggle!!

Speed Couriers Nationwide Ltd


Don't bother looking..the fact they charge it should be enough of a warning

3T Deliveries


its alot, site like that charge way too much commision, uship charges the job poster not the courier try that one

Website Admin


It makes no difference whether they charge the shipper or courier, it's only your perception that's different.

They may charge too much for you but tbh if they can charge a lot and their business works (ie people stomach it) then fair enough. Not accusing any here but many complain when a website is not free without realising the huge investment that goes into building these things.

Speed Couriers Nationwide Ltd


Too many bods wanting to make money from a starting point of "sh**e"

As far as i'm concerned there are too many layers for anyvan shipley or similar for anyone to make anything from deliveries that are expected to be done for sod all to start with.

Smart Services


I have used Anyvan and shiply for the past 8 months, and have seen a growing number of people that will do everything for basically nothing, even in my local area, I struggle to understand how people are "making money" from quoting silly prices.

Speed Couriers Nationwide Ltd


they're not.....simple as that

Ecosse Logistics (Lanark)


ive seen guys on these site running for buttons, I do use these sites when its quiet but as stated I would rather have the van sit parked at the house than run it to make buttons.

GH Transport Scotland


Ecosse Logistics you will be seeing the same people with crazy bids as me then a certain ltd company.

What I find funny is if you try to explain to a bidder on it that the "deposit" doesn't go to you, they block the message.

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