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Additional Resources

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Hello Guys

I would like to introduce myself and Additional Resources.

I run the driving desk and cover the whole of the UK, I am looking for EX Multi Drop drivers to join our team we pay excerlent rates and a driver loyalty bonus every Christmas.

I use to run a courier company and know it has it highs and lows when its low its dead, so we could offer driving work with out using your vans, for odd days here and there.

We are also in talks with many of big national and international next day companies to provide cover for their OD'S, all these jobs will be place on MTVAN as and when we know about them. you will be paid a drop rate.

But to be able to do this you must upload all documents etc that MTVAN ask for so we can approve them.

must produce a copy of Van Insurance, Public liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity Insurance

Before we can allow you to work for Additional Resources.

Perks of the job,

As long as you register with ourselves and our payroll company you will get paid WEEKLY, no waiting 30 days or more for payment.

If you have any questions please email me at  

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