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Louca Logistics

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We are looking for new partners for our logistics firm, Hopefully you choosing to become partners with a south west’s most professional, uk based logistics / delivery company who already delivers for leading aerospace engineers.

We operate vehicles consisting of all sizes of panel vans (upto 4m), Luton Curtainside, Luton Taillift & Luton Flatbed along with vetted and trusted sub contractors up and down the UK including Glasgow, Newcastle, Aberdeen, Derby.

As with all smaller vehicles minimising weight is key so we try to minimise additional equipment on vehicles where possible so we can carry maximum payload at all times, we also have additional lifting equipment that can be put on vehicles where necessary such as van mounted forklifts that can load & unload weights of upto 500kg to sites where forklifts are not available.

We are proud members of the Haulage & Courier Exchange which gives us direct access to vetted hauliers throughout the UK at discounted prices so can offer solutions for larger loads where required and also gives us access to smaller vehicles throughout the country, to date this has given us an average collection time of 60 mins anywhere in mainland UK.

Being a smaller family led business we have been able to keep overheads down enabling us to not only be competitive but be cheaper than most other transport providers whilst offering a top quality service.

Our customer base currently ranges from leading aerospace providers and top vehicle manufactures to building merchants across the country.

I would love to be given the opportunity to give a price on any job that you have needed completing recently so you can use us as a comparison and the opportunity to work with a company like yourselves.

We take control of your entire delivery from start to finish assigning you a contact who you can talk to regarding anything logistics and us, Taking all the stress away for you, You will have direct contact with myself who is available at all times.

Feel free to email a quote for a job you have had priced previously for us to price, to compare. I promise once you use us you won’t use another company in the South West.

Email me on shayne@loucalogistics. Co. uk

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