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About DJ Specialist Couriers

IT Specialist Courier, I provide a same day courier service. Estate Car available for sensitive delivery's, or items you don't want rolling around in the back of a van.
SC security cleared, CRB checked. Vehicle insurance covers carriage of goods for hire and reward.
GIT Insurance : £10000,
Public Liability : £5,000,000
Professional Indemnity : £10,000,000.
HP & Dell accredited hardware engineer, Experience in IT moves and Audit. Technical Services provided on request. Medical Courier Experience, NBS & NHS experience with rapid transport of Blood and Donor organs. Reliable friendly and professional service.

Payment Terms:

My payment terms are 30 days from date of invoice. I respectfully ask that you make payment on or before the due date, preferably by BACS; details are provided on the invoice.

In the event of payment not made by the due date, I will contact you with a reminder. You will have seven days to make payment otherwise a late payment fee of £30 will be levied onto the outstanding invoice. If payment is still not paid, interest will be added onto the amount outstanding, including the late payment fee.

Service Types Available

Estate Car