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Enson Express

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I'm getting a bit fed up of reading this copy and paste paragraph...

***Topic Closed

This topic has been closed as it was unlikely to provide any more useful information; the topic of choice was not relevant for the courier industry or the community on mtvan, or the thread had gone off-topic and no longer reflected the title, or there were multiple posts containing largely poor quality content. For help with posting in future please see our courier forum guidelines.***

Now I can understand things get out of hand and require moderating, but I'm finding this action so often occurring even before I can read the topic. Let's face it, the way this forum works is not conducive to easy use. The latest instance %happened some time on Friday and long before I can even read it, let alone consider adding my own two penn'orth, it gets closed/locked.

C'mon Admin - I really can't see a lot of value in running a forum where 99.9 percent of members can't participate.**

JH Logistics


Think it's mainly because 2 certain people usually end up in a slanging match as their opinions differ ON EVERYTHING.

Speed Couriers Nationwide Ltd


Not everything... Just little things like ethics, morals, endless self promoting... That kinda thing... Lol But i think we may be learnng to stop... We will see as the week progresses



I find it annoying starting a thread, interested to see what others think, going out for the day and coming back to see you can't add what you think!

Website Admin


I think the forum is currently much better than a month ago, less topics are closed. Also if you're coming to a thread much later it's probable that any noise/slagging off has been cleaned up.

Lots of people write to tell us that they find the forum totally invaluable.

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