Straps/Lashing for Load Handling

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Anyone got any recommendations for decent straps for securing loads in vans?

Ratchets straps are way too big and cumbersome for the majority of loads but the smaller cam buckle straps that I buy always seem to be as thin as ribbon.

What I'm really trying to find is a cam buckle strap that is sturdy, with a lashing capacity of 200kg+ rather than these tiddly things that can only hold under 200kg... Any suggestions?

RGM Courier Services


Try eBay. there's loads of different types and cheap.

AJM sameday Couriers


Anne Summers wink

ProLink Logistics Ltd

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Yeah I've met your type before, AJM.

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Some great motorcycle tie down straps ( ratchet type ) for sale on eBay or try costco they do a multipack of different sizes



Ratchet straps come in many sizes. Just like courier drivers.

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