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Hi folks. Just about to be made redundant and came across a few sites while job hunting, and to be honest I quite fancy the courier buisness. The confusion comes as to where to go and who you can trust. Have looked into all the insurances, so thats no problem.

Questions I have are to what size van do people think are best ?

What about thses web sites selling you 'books' etc on how to succed in the buisness and those that ask for cash up front, sometimes hundreds.......

Came across one a week ago and printed it out, they were asking £299 + vat. when I looked today it was £999 + vat for the same thing on the same web site.

As with every one else the cash income is going to be important, so if anyone can advise, please do so, or you can get me on

Thanks in advance for help / advise.

ps. would also consider working with others, sort of partnership in Lothian area

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Hi Campbell,

I suggest you do not pay £100's for any kind of guide. There are some that you may findworthwhile but they cost £10's. To be honest IMO you can get most if not all of the information you need from this forum (and others like it), and free sites like that we run to provide information for new starters.

Others I'm sure will be along to help with your other questions, but for starters you could try making yourself known to Dode (Pronto Dispatch) in Inverness as he seems to be busy with jobs in and out of your area.

Best Wishes

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must agree with Richard get your self known to dode @ pronto despatch scotland very nice chap & you'll never have a issue with payment's with him, you'll find he post's alot of work on mtvan & a few other similar sites to mtvan, as for paying for guides i'd stay well away from em also franchises to, no advice is worth paying for if you can get it for free scroll through forums that give you a bit of gist on what to do & how to do it also who to deal with & who to stay away from..

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yep Pronto would be my first port of call,
I have found them helpful and you always get paid on time,
I did a Inverness delivery for them on Tuesday and they found me a return journey to Heathrow for the way home,

if your going to go down the courier route make sure you have enough cash money to spend £200-£300 per week on fuel and allow 30- 60days for payment assuming you don't get caught out ( you know who you are!)
70% of this job is communication, if something has gone wrong TELL the person you have subbed the job from, if people know then calls can be made and things rearranged, once the end user has hit the roof it's too late!



Friggin eck just downloaded Tony's Guide took THREE loads on me printer. Guess what I will be doing all day Sunday. Cheers Tony.

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