Rates Needed for Sameday Express Please

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Eurosonix Freight Management Ltd

Original Poster

Hi Everyone,

We need rates please for Small van to XLWB Van please.

Collection : Skelmersdale, WN8

Delivery :

Liverpool L1 Manchester M1 Leeds LS1 Birmingham B1 Nottingham NG1 Redditch B98 Glasgow G51 London EC4Y Chessington KT9

If you are interested in any oif the above please let me know ....


Darren Joyce .

A E Delivery


Time of day and expectation of job would be helpful . Days of the week plus anything else that would be need to be known such as volumes or weight .


Fastback Parcel Solutions


As above more info required.

Richard Bland


I have quoted your job loads of times but to date got no response

Alan Bartlett Freelance Sameday Courier


80p per loaded mile + vat - Transit Connect, 1 standard or 2 Euro pallets, max payload 650 kg



Alan Bartlett said:

80p per loaded mile + vat - Transit Connect, 1 standard or 2 Euro pallets, max payload 650 kg

Really? WN8 to L1 = £14.32 and you are based in Worksop ?



WN8 to L1 = £14.32 Surely this is a minimum charge job?, but, from Worksop. Who would do it for that sort of money... Oh hang on there are some.

RGM Courier Services


Am I missing something here? Where has the £14.32 come from? You'd need to know the exact postcodes to work that out so precisely. He may have been in the area at the time. No-one in their right mind would travel from Worksop to Wigan to deliver to Liverpool. As Phax says, a minimum charge would apply, in my case it's £25, and I live in Salford and wouldn't go to Wigan to deliver to Liverpool for £25!

Alan Bartlett Freelance Sameday Courier


My reply was simply an indication of my loaded mile rate - not a quote for any particular job! I would expect Eurosonix, who I've worked for previously, to understand this. Clearly there are some who don't.



The trouble with "loaded mile rates" is that it means different things to different people.

Many Courier Companies quote their customer based on total mileage from their office to the collection point to the delivery point/s which may or may not be on the way back to base.

O/d's taking jos off exchange sites are expected to quote point to point.

When there are a number of deliveries (which are very rarely in a straight line) it often makes more sense for the Courier Co. To use round trip pricing as a fair and reasonable method to both the original customer and the person / vehicle doing the job.

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