PTC Sameday, Welling, Kent

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PTC Sameday

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Hello all. Pete The Courier from Welling here.Was told about MT by a fellow member (Phil, Express21) who I do a lot of subbying for, when arranging a meet for the Dartford Town/Welling United match this afternoon. He recommended it so here I am!

OK, that's the pleasantries over with....

I drive a silver 2010 swb Transit 280 115 that can carry 2 standard and 3 Euro pallets with a payload of up to 1,000 kg. It will also carry 8x4 sheets with the doors shut, unlike the Primastar (Vivaro/Trafic) van I had before! It has covered 25,000 miles and is about to have its second service. I have GiT and PL insurances in place and always carry a hard hat, hi-viz, steel toe-capped boots and first aid kit on board. I also always carry plenty of blank PODs, call &/or text when your goods are on board and later delivered, including the name of the signatory. PODs and despatch notes can be posted next day or at the end of the week (see below). All my van signs are magnetic so can be removed if you prefer an unmarked van to carry your goods.  

I am VAT registered and usually send my invoices at the end of the week in case I do any further work for you that week. I am used to being paid within seven days of the date of the invoice but realize Phil is an exception I am lucky to benefit from but still expect to be paid no later than 30 days (by BACS if possible)

Having hopefully covered all the bases, I wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year and look forward to delivering for you anywhere on mainland UK.


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