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Great news, but like shutting the door after the horse has bolted!

Had this email from my Euro tunnel account:

We would like to inform you that the UK government is introducing Exit Checks at all ports and airports from Wednesday 8th April 2015. The government requires Eurotunnel to gather information on the identity of every person leaving the country via the Channel Tunnel and pass this information to the UK Border Force.

Just hope they are active checking incoming as well!

Fastback Parcel Solutions


Just look at it as clocking in and clocking out... Lol... But you are so right about horses and doors. Long overdue

Speed Couriers Nationwide Ltd


I find it staggering that nobody knows how many come and go. Its all guestimates---that can't be right in this day and age can it?

Andy McTighe


I have travelled extensively and everywhere outside of the EC logs you in and out with many places photographing you at the immigration desks. In these days not doing so amounts to criminal negligence in my opinion.

A E Delivery


Is it legal? Ar`nt we allow free unaccosted travel within the EU?

I have no issue with being checked, i cant see why anyone without a British/EU passport isnt finger printed on entry.

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