Oh no our office is on fire

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We will be on and offline for a little while. The office building we are based in has suffered substantial fire damage which has wiped out the phones and net. All phone lines are diverted to a mobile number at the moment. Also no internet so we are waiting for the insurance to advise us as to relocation during repairs. We have off site backup for IT so all invoices will be paid as usual.

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hope everybody is safe

Nottingham & Derby Couriers

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Yes most of the building was empty, We have been told an electrical box was the cause. The firmen had to kick all the office doors in to clear the building which caused all the smoke damage, The 2 hour fire doors did their job though. It's just a really bad inconvenience now to keep the office running.

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Yikes, that's bad luck. Hope you get it sorted soon.

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