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gm small courier services

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Hello to you all hope this works as a total newbie to all this tech

gm small courier services

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Is there really work out there? All new to the courier work but been unemployed for the last 2 years and saw this web site so thought i would give it a try.

Speed Couriers Nationwide Ltd


There is work but you have to go find it as you won't last if you rely solely on exchange sites such as this.

As you're in Lewes I suggest, if this is the game you want to try, you contact your local courier companies, and say hello... BUT you will need a van, and a van that isn't going to breakdown. You will be doing a lot of miles so you need a van you can trust.

If you can't afford a van, then again, see if your local courier company has vans and employs drivers instead of/as well as using sub-contractors.

This industry is a hard one to make work, so do your homework before even attempting having a go.

There is a lot of info on here, and codforum, explaining the pitfalls, and what to avoid, as well as useful stuff too.

Its not all doom doom and thrice doom but you need to be 100% sure, and hopefully these forums will help you decide



Hi gm welcome

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