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If you're new to mtvan, post here and let our other members know a bit more about you.

If you've got any other questions or wish to discuss any other topics, please post in our general discussion forum.

Lighthouse Courier Service


Hi, I'm Lydia and a new owner driver. Are there any other lady drivers out there?

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Hi Lydia,

I'm sure there are some, however the forum has only just been added so we may not see them here for a little while. Why not check the courier directory?

Welcome to mtvan by the way! :)

D.L.C Express


Hello from Ireland & D.L.C Express

I will be following MTvan with interest to see how it can benefit our business.As we are in the Republic of Ireland I don't know how much work we can get from you but we will see what happens.

Hopefully this site will provide opportunities for more work.

Good luck to all & safe driving


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