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Hi to you all Am new to mtvan but have been working as a courier for nearly 4 years, sub contacted to a company delivering aircraft parts to airbases. I drive a small van and this type of work has dried up a bit so looking elsewhere as well as working for NR Light Haulage. Am looking for tips from any experienced mtvan courier on general pricing of jobs (what is the normal price you need to quote on to get a job) I was paid a set amount per mile (collect to tip) with regular work based 14 miles from where I live to places far west as Helston and Tenby, far east as Margate and Norwich and as far as north as Barrow in Furness and Hull. So had it all sorted for me. Is the billing system easy to operate on this site? Do you charge a fee to either get to a pick up or return from the tip? (which ever is the nearest) If a fair distance is required to do the job (14 miles from home 30 mins drive time can be accepted without being paid for)

Brian Lush

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