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Would like to intro myself and Drivers Lee for hopefully a good logistical partnership. We have excellent geographical knowledge and dare I say it use Sat navs reluctantly. (Old School, Maps etc)

Looking forward to chatting and getting to know Courier work a little more.....thank you

Any trade secrets I should no??..............

Mr G Courier Service


buy a branded flask and not a cheap one. A good flask is worth its weight in gold

Tees Valley Logistics


change the things you can and accept the things you cant



Buy a 12v kettle... Prices range from £16.00p to £50.00p. Dont overfill it they take ages to boil when full. Try not to use your ciggy lighter socket for your kettle, The plug gets very hot. Cut the plug off and wire directly to your battery, strong textBig TIP. It will eat the juice from your battery and flatten it if you brew up to many times with out runnin the engine. Better still wire it directly to your auxillary battery. On the transit if you have two batteries under your drivers seat, its the front battery. The one nearest to the steering wheel. Auxillaries on a sprinter, Tough. youll have to buy the gear and plumb it in. Thats abt £50 plus batteries if you do it yourself. And well worth it if you have a TV, DVD, Sat reciever and of course a kettle all for those long journeys or over night stops.



If you do get a kettle, pot noodle are kak, try batchelors Noodle box ;-)

AJM sameday Couriers


Check your tyre pressures weekly. Ltd


Update your profile, and upload some id and a photo.

It's just like a dating photo no date.

Start here.

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