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James Dainty

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Hi all,i am Jimmy,from Wigan,bought a Transit Jumbo a couple of months back after getting sacked by HDNL.Only actually started work with it a couple of weeks ago so still learning,how to decide on pricing etc.I worked delivering furniture and other large items from catalogues for around 25 years but this is first time i have tried working for myself as a delivery driver,so still have lots to leearn about tax and stuff.I don't have a company name but i do have a website which is bandit transport,named after my favourite films and favourite car,a Trans Am,i have one same as Smokey & the Bandit 2..

Thanks Jimmy.

Edward Munteanu


Hey contact me. My email address is on my profile.

M.Fisher Transport Services ltd


Hi there, you may want to think of re naming your self first, lol and with regards to what to charge etc, its all down to your personal charge what you need to earn.

Tax wise etc you would be much better employing an accountant to sort your business affairs etc, worth their weight.

Insurances etc certainly are not cheap so you need to factor everything (hire/reward insurance plus goods in transit cover, fuel, wear and tear and finally a bit of a wage for yourself) into your rates.

All the best for the future


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