Looking to start up in courier work

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Mike Brown

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Hi Everyone,

Just researching starting up as owner driver courier. I am looking for any starter guides that maybe on here, wondering if any body can point me in the right direction.

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Firstly get you profile updated with ALL the relevant information inc what insurances you have, What vehicle you have and availability.

Then talk to people on here and locally telling them what you are looking to do.

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Hi Mike

Definitely the profile is crucial. 

Also, check out the free info on http://www.tonysguide.com


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there are a few guides out there....the quality of which i would question in most cases.....i think the forums are the best place to ask and get good honest info....and much much cheaper!!!!

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just ignore the "you can earn £300 a day" bollox tho cos as we all know...sometimes you'll earn jack sh*t

Michael Lucani


a bit like today Rob, Jack Shit has a lot to answer for!!lol

PTC Sameday


"£300a week would go down nicely at the moment!" Slim Pickins

Speed Couriers Nationwide Ltd


Yeh i know that guy Slim all too well...lol

Just about survival at the mo innit.....good time to update networks and marketing stratedgy tho

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