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Hi all, I am an owner driver located in south kent. I requested to join a few weeks ago and as I had waited a while for confirmation of registration I emailed support for an update. Then on the 5/08/2020 I saw that an address confirmation code had been sent to verify but still has not arrived.

I have emailed support twice now about this but never get a reply, mainly my issue is that my profile shows no insurance and my home address is unconfirmed. I have also sent support a copy of my H+R and GIT insurance but profile still shows not insured. I joined up to see how this platform works at the basic level before making the upgrade but I cannot seem to get the basics out the way or any response from mtvan at all. The site will not allow me to upload docs direct to my profile so wondered how you guys get on with it all as I do not really want to pay for upgrade if communication for issues is zero.

Many Thanks Andy

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