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sabrigis logistics ltd

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Is this a JOB?

Nathan V Parry


No it's a van.

A E Delivery


Elwb:xlwb , wonder why its x , ok its phonic but whats the point?

Quick click on sabs profile and it lists 2 Man Car Estate Car LWB Transit Luton Luton Curtainsider Luton Oversize Box MWB Transit SWB Transit Small Van Sprinter Transit High Top XLWB Transit

Think its a highlight or an attempt at work or as i like to think the exact way you shouldn`t advertise

Pace Carriers


Maybe he's got 'small man syndrome' lol

A E Delivery


Im always craving a bigger van... No wait, i mean smaller

Pace Carriers


Size isn't everything! It's about the width so i've been told lol

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