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3T Deliveries

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ok so before posting anywhere i should have posted here but i was keen to tap into the knowledge here, clearly i miss judged you lot,lol

ok back to me, im not actually a courier yet, i dont even have a van but i have been seriously looking into this type of work as im fed up with doing 80 hrs a week for nothing, and missing out on seeing my little girl grow up.

ive read all about insurance costs and other cost from the many forums available but im still looking for yet more info.

the main thing is a simple choice i guess, do i go it alone from the off, or do i work for companies such as Hermes to get a foot in the door?

any suggestions would be appreciated.

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If you like multi dropping and like the rates continually falling and the number of deliveries increasing then go for it....it is regular pay after all...which is sadly lacking in the same day market.

And being based where you are then an awful lot of same day deliveries are likely to be going into London....not a problem if you don't mind a bit of traffic, but the chances of double and treble ups are higher for London. Down side is you're very close so you  may find the rates disappointingly low.
If I were you i'd have an inner London rate and an outer London rate.
We tend to meet drivers from London at Harlow from us, it frees my drivers up and the London lads know all the shortcuts....if i were you i'd ring round your local couriers to see if they need any subbies 1st. You may find that there's enough work through them that you don't need to go out and find your own

3T Deliveries

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to be honest i was hoping to sub first for a couple of reasons, one being not having to look for work hoping to earn enough to pay the bills, the other reason was to build experience, i've done tons of driving in previous jobs , mainly in and out of london so traffic and shortcuts is ok for me too.


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