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alex rem

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Hello, I am Alex. How do you manage to bid on jobs if you are not at home? Let's say you get some jobs from MT, anyvan or any other websites like these, and you go out to do the deliveries, when you guys have the time to bid for future jobs? Do you have anyone doing the bids for you? Thank you.

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Welcome Alex I'd firstly check your profile your mob no appears to have too many digits.

CPL Transport and Sameday Couriers


You can bid for work online from your mobile.



A good profile is key on sites like this. If you don't explain who you are or what service you offer, then you may struggle. Also upload your goods in transit insurance, you won't be taken seriously without it. All vendors check your profile and feedback. I think the best way to quote jobs on here is to give the vendor a call, that way they can get to know who they are dealing with. That will give them the choice wether to use you or not. Take look on the forums, there is plenty of advice that may answer some more of your questions, good luck

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