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Just a quick hello,   After a long break from the courier game i am now in the process of getting back in .( dont say it )......I used to trade as Salisbury Logistics down in Wilts and was on cx etc..

I am back home in N London now and hopefully start trading soon.
I have been looking at the forums here and i am very impressed with peoples willingness to help each other and share opinions .
Anyhoo great site ..hope to chat to some interesting people.

mtvan.com Ltd


Hi Bill

Thanks for that. Good to see you on mtvan.com.


Nottingham & Derby Couriers


Guten Tag.
I would suggest that you fill in as much info about yourself, Your vehicle or vehicles to maximise your exposure.
We usually call couriers nearest to the collection point to facillitate a fast pickup.
If your profile is empty and has basic details we cannot and will not call.
This site is essentially a networking tool so use it.
I don't know why people sign up and do sell themselves of their business.

Anyway good luck.

London Nationwide Transport

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Thanks Tim....

It looks as if nothing has changed much in the industry..I feel as if i never left...

London Nationwide Transport

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yep thanks , I havent bought vehicle yet.but looking at LWB Trannie or similar.....as soon as i have details i will put them up.....

Speed Couriers Nationwide Ltd


No nothing much has changed...including the mileage rates...lol

3T Deliveries


if you can get yourself a van that runs on air you will be fine,lol

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