Hello to all - mtvan vs Courier Exchange?

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Hi, I have just signed up to mtvan after someone mentioning this to me.

I currently operate as a self employed courier / small removals company and am looking for more work, possibly regular work.

I took the plunge, and bought a van in January 2012, after spending a couple of months with no work, pondering what to do next ! I bought a large 3.5 Tonne Luton Van with a Tailift, and have just invested in a slightly smaller Citreon Relay Van.

I am fully insured, with Goods in Transit up to £10000, and am willing and looking for any available work. I have up to now found alot of work off other websites, and have been trying to decide now whether to sign up to this website or Courier Exchange? Anyone got any thoughts on this?

I have had lengthy conversation with CX and am still not 100% convinced. Anyone with any good suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, Forgot to mention I am based In Devizes, Wiltshire (near Swindon!).

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its better to ring round all the courier companies based near you im sure you will find one that needs help.

Courier Exchange is overpriced for what it is and i cant comment on this site as im not a full member yet, stupidly joined CX and regretting it.

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