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Jeremy Harrison

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Hello all - just starting out in this so any info or advice gratefully received.

Based in the New Forest area - looking for first job!!
Looks like its quiet everywhere though

Nottingham & Derby Couriers


Looking for your first job .........................

I hope you have a magnifying glass to hand.

Most of us are still looking since Xmas, It's very quiet at the moment but if you really want to do it you'll hang in there.

Anyway good luck and update your profile as much as you can and generally network whenever you can.

We are www.nottinghamandderbycouriers.co.uk for your information.

Website Admin


Welcome Jeremy

Nottingham & Derby Couriers (could you add a first/last name please N&D C?) is quite right, make sure your profile is filled out as detailed as you can. The more info there is about you the more likely you are to get a call. Likewise, the more active you are, the more visible you are to other members with the work.

I know for a fact that many of the more active members of the site help each other out off the site too.

Kexby Couriers


Hi Jeremy

Welcome to our world of wonder! I wish you good luck and read the forum you will get good info from it.
There are some good guys on here.


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