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Hi all

I'm looking to go self employed :) and thinking about working with TNT sameday has anyone got any insight to what I'd be getting myself into?

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i am working for them just now and to be honest i have been shafted.

all the jobs i was promised dried up im lucky if i clear 200 a week

been told by other TNT drivers that this is only tempory untill xmas


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Welcome Darren.

You'd think they would be busier before Christmas!

Dc Transport

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Ooops :(  thanks guys.

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Hi Well where do i start.
We worked for TNT Sameday in 2000-2004 ,We started with 1 van we had to have a 3 year old or less van and then sign wrapped (£400ish i can't remember exactly how much) Then you had to have their uniform (£115ish) A fair amount of work and cheaper fuel back then.
We then started to do bank runs and they asked can we supply another van and driver, Which we did.
In the end we had 18 vans all on bank runs for nat west, This was fine (apart from all the uniform and signwriting costs) until they started re negotiating the bank contracts , They said the run price has got to go from £600 per van per week to £550 ,We didn't have much choice really.
The following year guess what the runs had to go down to £500 even tough fuel costs were creeping up.
Anyway we were squeezed and squeezed and they started to pay late so we had no option to back out.
The moral of the story is keep small and watch the costs with them.
Good Luck

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