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Hi all We are thinking of joining MTVAN as our Courier Exchange subs are up and we are not renewing due to the hefty upfront fees, I am wondering how many of you guys are in Europe on a daily basis as 90% of our business is imports to the UK from Germany, France, Czech, Belgium.

Please let me know Thanks Lee Ltd


Hi Lee

Good to see you on mtvan. Let me know if I can help in any way.

A couple of suggestions:

On the Directory, you can search by UK and EU town names and postcodes, (in the "Distance From" box). There are quite a few NL based couriers.

Also if you search for "Euro" and "European" in the "Search" box, you get some useful looking people.

Click here for the mtvan Directory

Hope this helps

Tim, mtvan

(Call me, phone number on profile)

Courier.MX Ltd


Hi there,

I'm in Europe a lot of the time, just off the tunnel back now in fact. Regular runs across the continent including Marseilles, Barcelona, Bordeaux, Hamburg, Stuttgart and always interested in re-loads either back to uk or to onward euro destinations.

Drop me a line and I can keep you up to date with location and availability.





Morning Lee

We are Sameday European Xpress company. Allways looking to assist where ever we can.

Our details available in the directory

Good morning Lee, I'm Holland, just below Rotterdam, using a Kia Sorento with or without boxtrailer or clean horsebox (max 1750kg load).



Looking forward to

Trans-Sieniawa Sp. z o.o.


Hi Lee,

I ma looking for a regular jobs from UK to Belgium, Holland, Germany and Poland.

We use luton curtainsiders.

So I can take anything for you want which not exceed 1300kgs and it's no longer than 4.2m.

Regards Mario

ZENITH Courier Services


Hi Lee,

I'm based in Norfolk near Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft and always looking for jobs into Europe.

My van is a SWB Transit. Do have a look at my website, and feel free to get in touch if there's any more information I can provide you with.




Rather misleading to name this topic "European Couriers". The header suggests you're looking for Continent-based couriers, whereas you are obviously rather looking for backloading collegues returning to the UK. 5 out of 8 of the above reactions confirm my suspicion... Anyway, if ever you're looking for non-backload help, I might be just your man, located right next to Brussels Airport. Check my details for more info.

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