EU harmonises traffic violations Nov 13

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Just thought I would let those who travel regularly on continental Europe know that:

New Legislation will soon mean that drivers across the European Union will face penalties for breaking traffic laws when driving outside their home country.

The harmonisation will come into force on 7 November 2013, the deadline date for EU Member states to implement the Directive facilitating cross border exchange of information on road safety-related traffic offences.

There are eight offences included in the text of the EU Directive 2011/82/EU.

  • Speeding...
  • Not using a seat belt...
  • Not stopping at a red trafic light or other mandatory stop signal...
  • Drink Driving...
  • Driving under the Influence of drugs...
  • Not wearing a helmet...
  • Using a forbidden lane...
  • Using a mobile phone or any other communication device...

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Thanks for the info, interesting.

Do you believe this article is incorrect then? UK opts out of EU road safety legislation

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Another article... Fleets warned of new cross-border action on driving offences

The European Traffic Police Network (TISPOL) is highlighting that the European Union Directive 2011/82/EU will come into effect by 7th November, from which date EU Member States will be able to exchange information on road safety related traffic offences. However, the UK, Republic of Ireland and Denmark have opted out of the EU directive.

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