Can we start another bidding thread?

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Nottingham & Derby Couriers

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I just thought this might bug admin as it's a little quiet today and you know what they say "Idle Hands"

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Yes you can, but please keep it on topic... I don't want to actually have to mod anything but I think we should be mostly sensible.

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Can we start a thread for directors of courier companies who only wish to earn the same salary as a shelf stacker in Tesco!?

I bet non of these on here drive new cars.

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You're welcome to start a thread about anything courier related that is something interesting to discuss and not silly meaningless drivel. We like to focus on quality discussion and quality information on this forum. Repeat unhelpful/rude/troll/off topic posters are not forgotten and we will tighten up on things if required!

Best wishes & happy posting.

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