Xmas drink drive campaign

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I see the police are starting it again. Good ! Xmas before last a patrol car watched me pull into a yard with a Co-op artic, waited for me to leave then followed me for about 6 or 7 miles before stopping me. After checking the car over I was asked if I objected to undergoing a breath test. Object ? No, I welcomed it. They were the ones standing in the freezing cold at three o'clock in the morning as I sat in the car with the heater on full.

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No idea why they'd want to promote drink driving at xmas but you can count me out. My locals within walking distance, and i'm not blowing into anything if i don't know where its been 1st

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Do people only drink & drive at this time of year?

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Most of these people cant drive when their sober so God know what they drive like half scat



Dont worry about 'old bill' its the drink drivers. Lets hope we manage to be outta their way when they try their luck.



I see there is now a £1000 'reward' on offer for snitching on somebody who is then prosecuted for drink driving. Personally I'd prefer to just take the keys from the offending prat and tell them to collect their car when sober.

moray couriers

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I think there may be few who would be glad of that little windfall in these times of austerity. Perhaps the Eddie Stobbard spotters will now frequent pubs on street corners writing down car no's from now on.

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