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World Courier Express., JSC

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Hello everyone, If you want to find a partner in courier express area in Vietnam, do not hesiate to contact us. We are willing to serve you all. Here is some basic information of our company in Vietnam.

World Courier - Express has been in the air express for over 30 years. We are a global provider of express and logistic services, connects areas that generate 95 per cent of the world’s gross domestic product with door to door, custom clearance service and money back guarantee. The company’s unmatched air route authorities and infrastructure make it the world’s leading express transportation company, providing fast, reliable and time-definite transportation of more than 2 million items each working day. With global network and partners, World Courier- Express ensures that your package reaches its destination on-time across 200 countries worldwide.

With our state-of-the-art technical support, you can obtain real-time shipping information via our track & trace system at anytime, anywhere. Since it first established in 2003, World Courier –Express Vietnam has gone on to become the first independent company in Vietnam on Express & Logistic services. With staff strength of more than 80 people, we have 2 international gateways (Hochiminh - SGN and Hanoi ) with 10 branches and exclusive agents across the country.

World Courier-Express Vietnam is an integral part of the organization with network in over 200 countries across the globe. In Vietnam now we offer a wide range of products and services. On the advanced technology and expertise of its global network, World Courier-Express Vietnam offers customers greater value-added logistics solutions to enhance efficiency in their supply chain management.

We have a Special Service team to customize delivery solution to suit your specific needs. We can immediately arrange for your very urgent shipments that need to be delivered soonest possible with latest cut off time.

Hanoi : 3C;4 Line , Trung Yen 1 , Cau Giay Dist. ; Tel: 84-4-37830102

Ho Chi Minh : 2/43 Phan Thuc Duyen , Ward 4, Tan Binh Dist; Tel: 84-8-39480648

Danang : 278/12 Nguyen Tri Phuong Road. ; Tel.: 84-511-3614633

Dong Nai :70/1 Group 9, An Binh , Bien Hoa City Tel.: 84-613-991953

Hai Phong agent : 16 Vo Thi Sau Str., Ngo Quyen Dist. Tel.: 84-313-551140

Hai Phong Sales Manager : Mai Van Vinh ; Mobile :84-983455458

Bac Ninh exclusive agent : Nguyen Gia Co.,LTD ., Thi Cau Ward ; Bac Ninh ; Mobile : 84-936326363

Email : ;

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