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Anyone joined up with this exchange site?

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Seems its full of those "retail sameday" type jobs that again make it difficult to see the real work.

Dya think maybe the no.1 are paying "him" to screw up the oppostion? lol



I did with 30 day trial, courier expert the only one posting jobs that I know of. Mainly sameday retail

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But a few people on here told everyone it was going to be the dogs do da's where are those people, I know they are lying low.



The website looks ok but as for work, its not been live long. It will take time to get to courier exchange standards. They need to get some good vendors in to post work, but to be honest, I think vendors will stick to what they already know.

Speed Couriers Nationwide Ltd


The sites that work are the ones that can be navigated easily, that have the ability to edit what it is you're looking for.

Most, Vehotrans included, think that by making it look busy, it'll attract us and we'll join up, whereas in reality, what we're looking for is an exchange site that people can see what they want to see.

It's not about whether it looks good, it's about it working, and sadly most just don't

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I think it's a good site. There were a few teething problems and I mentioned to them one or two things that needed changing and they did it straight away.

They've definitely got good intentions and it could be a really good exchange site, but it's the old problem of trying to get enough people using it, same as this site.

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