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Does anyone offer Storage Facilities?

We have been asked by a long standing customer if we would consider this. Probably storing 60 - 100 pallets and a turnover of 20 - 30 per week I know about the Unloading - Loading charging and possible re stack and repacking. We are well aware of insurance implications and handling equipment needed but was just seeing what other mtvan members offer in this area.

Euronite Limited


I do storage for a few of my customers but not quite the volume that you mentioned. Also a pick and pack service for one. I charge them a price per pallet per week and a RHD charge when each pallet comes in. Our insurance does cover goods to a certain extent but the amount is restricted under our terms and conditions. My customers have their own insurance policies in place and I believe add our warehouse as a stock location to cover the full values.

ProLink Logistics Ltd


I've got an option to take up some warehouse space in Birmingham (only a few miles from the airport) and was going to look into this kind of thing.

Does anyone think there is much of a market for this kind of work using small warehouses (between 1500 and 3000 sqft)? Or is there no point trying to compete with the big boys?

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