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Do any members also run any Taxi or Private hire businesses??

We have been offered to buy a passenger transport company and don't see too much difference in what we do now apart from the standard council approvals.

So i'm just looking for a little but more info before deciding how to move forward or not.

Speed Couriers Nationwide Ltd


People answer back, parcels don't

Speed Couriers Nationwide Ltd


seriously though...its VERY difficult to make any money  in this game unless you own the vehicles and do some sort of split with the driver....even then you're not going to make bundles cos you've got all the maintenance and fuel costs to come out of that....24 hour controllers...and costs of radios etc....the other way is to charge for a radio but you need at least 30 odd drivers to make that work so for me? to avoid....

Don't forget there's an awful lot you can do with a parcel...pick it up...sit on it til your drivers back...double up...swap loads....can't do that with people

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