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Has anyone considered moving into a niche market rather than general? I was searching for a transporter for live fish and the companies website states that APC are the only registered carrier of live fish in the country. This cannot be true... Can it?

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Probably? Livestock is a different kettle of fish.. And fish not being as common as sheep or pig transportation is a specialist thing.

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Another one I can think of is specialist cakes... Yep cakes on a bike.. Now Ive never tried it and dont really intend to, but have been asked out of urgency and I declined, as the end result would not have been good I would Imagine.



I picked up a birthday cake (proper bakers one) once on the bike, no problem

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Done a wedding cake in the van that was nerve wracking enough!

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My wife has a cake business and I'm her unpaid courier. Delivering a 4-tier wedding cake is not recommended!

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